Classic / 10 April, 2015

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Classic / 8 April, 2015

About Us

Ben and Malcolm with color WEB
We’re childhood friends who share the passion of cinematic story telling.  Combining our love for documentary films and the energy of music videos, we unite these into the fabric of every couple’s story we tell.  There’s no better story than one of true love finding it’s reflection and the celebration of that union.  Every couple is unique and every wedding is a special invitation into that couple’s world.   We love accepting that invitation and bringing with us our years of experience producing music videos, documentaries and commercials. It’s with that experience and creative excitement that we get to tell the timeless story of your wedding day through the looking glass of the our camera lens.  
We have put together a crew of filmmakers who are as passionate about telling these stories as we are.  Take a look at the work we have done together and contact us about how we can tell the story of your wedding day.  

Classic / 7 April, 2015

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